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Advantages and Disadvantages Of Artificial Intelligence (AI)

“The development of fully independent thinking robots could mean the end of humanity.” Was signed, Stephen Hawking. This doomsday scenario was the brilliant scholar of the people in 2014. According to Hawking, it should be feared for the moment that robots are becoming equal and even catching up with humans in terms of intelligence. That happens quite quickly because the slowly evolving man can never keep track of the speed with which robots learn.

Advantages and Disadvantages Of Artificial Intelligence


Should we really fear a Terminator-like future in which machines have power and man must fight for his freedom? Hawking is not the only thing that such a vision of the future can become a reality.

Tech pioneer Elon Musk also warns that artificial intelligence is ‘ the greatest existential threat to humans ‘. And the Belgian government does not want to forbid that robots can decide independently whether they are allowed to fire weapons…

Big data

Robots can, therefore, become smarter than humans in the future, but that doesn’t mean the end of humanity? After all, autonomous robots can also be used for useful purposes, and that is, of course, the case. Look for example at the Huawei Mate 10 Pro.

This smartphone has a neural processing unit on board, so you can get even more out of the device through artificial intelligence. By analyzing big data, the smartphone can learn more about how to use the appliance and play it.

Smart House

Another useful example: smart home. Through artificial intelligence, devices communicate effortlessly. In fact, intelligent home devices Learn how your behavior pattern is put together and adapt their behavior accordingly.

For example, an intelligent thermostat knows at some point what your ideal room temperature is and will automatically set the temperature when you come home. Also, the smart illumination can automatically dim itself when the smart TV is turned on, and there are many possibilities for that matter. Do you also want a smart home? This blog tells you exactly how to proceed.

Too Large A Mandate

The more clever systems we use, the more we oppose the issue of scope. How many mandates do we give our smart virtual assistants? What can they decide for us and what not? Are we continuing to maintain the autonomy of smart systems, or do we need to keep the costs of the system, as the European Union would like?

What do we do and do not determine and implement by smart systems without the intervention of people? And shouldn’t there be a standard ‘ preview ‘ feature to be applied in smart KI systems?

The risk is that we are giving too much autonomy, without the technology or prerequisites being ready. And without that, we still know what and why we outsource these tasks over time. The risk is that we are increasingly entering a world that we no longer understand. We must not lose sight of our mutual empathy and solidarity. Indeed, it is a real risk that we too easily leave difficult decisions (for example, dismissal) to ‘ smart ‘ machines, because we find ourselves too difficult.

Johnny Cab

Artificial intelligence will change not only your house but also the street image. Don’t look weird when about not endless time cars drive around without driver. Google is with the Waymo one of the biggest players in that field, and also Uber is doing a lot of testing with these cars without a driver.

So it could just be that in a not too distant future we could hold a Johnny Cab, one out of the movie Total recall, and let us ride to the place of destination. If you want to know exactly how a self-propelled car works, you can read all about it in this blog post.

Artificial intelligence can make our lives a lot more pleasant, and certainly, in the future, this will only become more important. Logical as well, because robots can easily take over specific tasks from people. But let’s give those robots the certainty of having a power button…

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